Leeum is a private investment fund that focuses on investing in Amsterdam Real Estate. The shareholders of Leeum have a long track record of involvement in the Amstedam Real Estate Market and know the city very well. Amsterdam has seen a huge revival since the 80’s.  The city, once unappealing and run down, is now hip and happening. The population boom is primarily driven by the influx of young people in their 20’s and 30’s. The Amsterdam Real Estate Market has a relative high percentage of social housing, however the demand for apartments in the middle- priced rent segment is huge and therefore offers great investment opportunities.

Leeum has specific knowledge of the Amsterdam Market and we are ready to act and proceed promptly.

Leeum buys apartments for its own portfolio; we are not a trader. Our investment horizon is longer than 25 year and the minimum required return is 6%. For that reason we are able to pay the best price. All objects owned by Leeum are well maintained and leased in compliance with all official rules. Leasing to tourist is something we will not do.