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How to know the payout ratio of a slot machine

What is a payout ratio?

First of all, it is important to note that each online casino game and especially online casino slot games have different payout systems. The payout ratio or payback ratio is the average percentage of the wager that is paid out to the player by the game. For example, if the total wagering over a sufficiently long period of time is £500 and the payout ratio is set at an average of 95%, then players will get £350 back from the £500 wagered and the casino will have £50 to show for it.

In general, online casino slots have a payout ratio that varies between 90 and 95%, and the overall charges are not very expensive. If you know the payout ratio of online slot machines, you have a definite advantage of winning more money.

Where to look for this information?

There are many possibilities in online casinos Firstly, look at the payout table to see if it is displayed. This table is often accessible through the game interface when you click on the question mark.  You will see the mention which is often visible on the last page under the name RTP or Return to Player. If you have any problems, you can ask the casino’s customer service or do a guided search on the game’s publisher’s website.

By way of illustration, we offer you a few payout rates for certain games that are quite well known, notably: Genie’s Touch by Quickspin: 96.9%; Royale Masquerade by Play’N Go is 96.5% and finally Sugar Pop by Betsoft is 97.6%. It is important to point out that this payout rate displayed on each game is indeed trustworthy insofar as it is controlled by the commissions that grant the licences. It is the publisher who establishes this rate in collaboration with the operators.

Moreover, you should know that this rate is very often never below 95%, because if it is, you will not earn much money. Furthermore, for those who play online slots for real money, you can conveniently calculate the payback ratio of a slot machine by doing the following: if you choose a slot machine to win real money for a certain period of 24 hours, you will bet on that period.

Finally, to find out the payout ratio of a slot machine, look at the machine reviews. These reviews take a look at the best machines available to give you details as you found out above for some games.

Knowing the payout ratio is an asset you can use to increase your chances of winning more money. For a good player, the payout ratio should in no way reduce your interest in playing because it makes the fun of the game that much more attractive.